Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Finished the press release last night and I'm quite pleased with it. It was like pulling teeth and I wish I had finished sooner, but I am quite pleased with it anyhow.

Had a nice Saturday evening though I did spend it working on the aforementioned press release. I was in good company though. I was also fortunate enough to have good help online with RAW and EJW.

This morning, I was up too early and tried to sleep more though it wasn't good sleep. I discovered, however, I am completely enamored with a particularly sweet puppy. This lil pup has completely stolen my heart, yo.

I went to the baseball game with Elaine which turned out to be an awesome game. My throat is totally hoarse from screaming and cheering. Astros beat the Red Sox today and won this weekend's series. We also made new friends with the guys from Pasadena sitting next to us. They're our new BFFs and are totally hilarious. I was commenting on how the Astros need better looking members and those guys then began discussing who were the better looking Astros and then it was league wide and then it spread to the entire sporting world. Hilarious. To top it all off, we made it back to the car without getting rained on.

Now for a shower. I think my soul hurts a little.

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