Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

real blog...ish

so yesterday i was on my way to the studio and saw a kid on wheeler with a giant bouquet of lilies. (my favorite flowers are peonies, shasta or gerber daisies, and hydrangeas...if anyone is keeping track.) he looked...like a young dude with a buncha flowers, but there was something intensely sweet about it. ...the fucker.

ugh...and might i also mention i am reeaaally fucking tireds. tireds yet, i really want to dance. not tonight, but i really feel like i'll really feel like going dancing soon. really, though, right now, as in this very moment, i want desperately to go to sleep. also, i liked that i had a moment where i couldn't remember if i knew who to spell "desperate" and then remembered that it's "separate" that i always have troubles with.

ooh, and i might be hungry...i had a burrito this afternoon with elaine and mat. that was hours ago and the only thing i've really eaten today. i'll call that meal "linner" since it wasn't lunch but it was before dinner. at lunch i discovered that someone in this town thinks elaine and i are a lesbo couple which is hilarious. alas, we like boys although the market is a bit lackluster of late. girls are soo much better than boys. i want a handy, smart guy, who's at least slightly taller than i am who knows how to give good gifts...is that so hard? really, pepper foam on valentine's day is sweet, but i wouldn't mind the traditional gift-giving route.

anyway...i'm sneezing so hard i could pee myself a lil bit. i'm going to bed.

fantastic quote of the day: "you're retarded. go to sleep!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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