Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not getting the entire message...

I should be sleeping BUT instead, I've found my new Sunday band: A Weather. I am completely in love with them. They remind me a lot of Iron & Wine only...I dunno...prettier??

And on a completely unrelated note, though it does relate to my not sleeping, in lieu of catching some Zzz's I'm sorting through my stuff, of which I have more than any one girl ought to. This morning I was cleaning out old text messages when I came across one from February. I hadn't read the entire message. There was the one part and then there was this WHOLE OTHER part that, thinking on it this very moment, might explain some extra weirdness on the part of the author of this text message. Flash forward to...oooh, just a while ago, I'm moving some things around and for grins, I open my developing tank. Inside is a note from four years ago. It's so sad.

Four more hours and I'll be getting ready to help Bradford downtown, then it's a doctor's appointment at 9:30am, work at 11:00am, deliver work to Diverse Works at some point, home, and then some hanging of the out with a very sweet boy.

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