Monday, June 9, 2008

mildly creeped out, but still drunk on power...

i totally got hit on by the security guard across the street from me. as i walked back home from dinner with e. he stopped me to introduce himself. he extended his hand and i shook it reluctantly. i was hoping i could get away with not giving him my name like i manage to with the flower guy in the heights, but no such luck. granted, i could have just not responded, but i figured 1.) that's totally not polite and 2.) they might potentially help me out in a pinch when there are crackheads, drunks, or other miscellaneous vagrants about. anyhoo, our handshake was quickly followed with, "i'm single, do you live alone? are you single?" now, had this been gaspard ulliel saying this to me i'd be highly disappointed and utterly turned off. however, this was the blue moon security guard who knows exactly where i live and can monitor my comings and goings. i told him that yes, i do live alone, and lied and said that i do have a boyfriend and what i really meant to say was, "i live with a giant rabbit and she'll gnaw your testicles off if you don't leave me alone..." is this true? maybe not so much. as i walked i away i heard him trailing off saying, "i'm siiingle..."

e. says i should take this as a compliment.... flattering? maybe. or creepy? hells yes.

hmmmm...and how long until coupledom? a while, no? there's a question on this Dating Persona Test that asks about coupledom and how many dates it takes... i think it's something like, "are you a couple after five successful dates?" and i'm pretty certain i always answer no. five dates do not a couple make.

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kaiball said...

Wow! That's amazingly creepy on so many levels. Could it be that this has somehow worked for him in the past?!