Friday, December 14, 2007

friday, friday, friday.

sooooo, today i met elaine for lunch today at 2ish with the hopes that we could make it to a 3:25 showing of Fred Claus. needless to say, my keys were hiding underneath a boat and i couldn't find them, so i was late for lunch and we were late for the movie. we decided we could go to the theater at Memorial City and took this crazy way to get to Memorial and then just got lost in River Oaks. we were totally enthralled by the ridiculously huge houses and we were never going to make it out to Memorial City so we aborted our attempt out there and instead went to the CAMH to kill some time before the next showing of Fred Claus at the Weslayan theater. i liked the quality of the paint, but not the paintings themselves at the current show. the perspectives show was all right. i think we spent more time perusing the things in the gift shop than we did on the exhibition. i think the CAMH needs to step it up.
after the CAMH we went down to the Wortham to check out the XMAS Tree Show. I finally got to see troy's tree spin and it was totally fucking amazing! ...and kinda scary, but not as scary as the flocks of birds that descend upon Wortham Plaza at 5:30 everyday.
finally, it was time for Fred Claus and it was hella entertaining. yay! vince vaughn is such a likable jackass. plus, there's a brief appearance by denny from grey's anatomy. sure, he probably has an actual name, but he'll always be denny to me.
before going home, elaine and i stopped by target. i got the bridget jones sequel, batman begins, bath soap, and toilet paper. i was highly distressed that they changed the quilting pattern on my toilet paper. probably more distressed than any person ought to be in regards to toilet paper. we'll give it a shot.
now, i'm home.

really...i have no point.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

ohhhh, man...

I love, love, love how I mishear things. I think I'll begin keeping a list.