Wednesday, August 27, 2008

cartharsis via death metal

have spent the afternoon repairing the edges of our drywalling at the gallery while listening to death metal/metalcore. for reals. it might start raining kittens here in a minute, i know. i don't if i necessarily like it, but i feel pretty good considering i've been sick and bitchy for weeks now. okay, i was sick last week and i've been bitchy for..pffttt...god knows how long. i'm actually re-thinking my business cards. they should prolly say something like "angriest lil ball o' hate" rather than "all sweetness, all joy, all-the-damn-time..." granted, the latter is still pretty snarky, but the former is definitely more apt.

hmmm... i suppose my death metal/metalcore binge has been...cathartic? i think it fills my GRR quota.

back to work.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outsiders, insiders, and I'm an assbuster, why can't you be too???

I wonder about this quite a lot. All of my most favorite people work extremely effing hard. My parents, my best friends--

Okay, I was prepared to rant about some bullshit that's really pissing me off, BUT that was pre-34 pages of kittens on Flickr. Errmmm... I'm stepping away from computer....

After a bunch of stupid useless quizzes, NOW, I walk away...

Monday, August 18, 2008


Fifteen minutes ago, I was sooo not irritated. Now? I'm feeling quite "Grr." Grrrr.

Nothing a few kitten videos and Brad Neely can't fix.