Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jo vs. BMW (redux)

Yeah, so weekend was fun despite the rocky start. (ROCKY START: The not getting my oil changed, the sudden bleeding from the vagina, the retarded collision with a BMW and Acura only minutes from my destination, oh, and the massive felt-like-someone-brained-me headache.) (And by, "collision," what I mean is that I rear-ended the guy in the Beamer, who in turn hit the Acura...I have no idea how it all happened. I was driving and then I was not.) I rolled in, went to the scariest CVS, then finally arrived at the home of Colonel McSweetersons and Lieutenant A. Chatsalot. Proceeded to do a lot of nothing for about.....24 hours. It was GLORIOUS the doing of nothing. Nothing is so totally underrated. Good times fun, USA.

Oh! [SQUEEEEALS!!!!] I also learned there's a band? a dj? called Panda Bear! PANDA BEAR!!! Le sigh.

Finally, I've finished the first version of Le FunBuckle. Have already spoken to TommyG about fabrication. I am soo making this happen! Hahahaha.

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