Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy bunny day! (or blood of the lamb day, in some parts.)

met up with our favorite manny last night for a minute. he's off to florida come wednesday. it's temporary but indefinite, if that makes sense. point being, he'll be gone and he'll be missing a lot of stuff, but he'll be back so we can't be too, too sad! he was also wearing the pretty sparkly shirt that i totarry love and would covets if my boobs were ...non-existent... AND B.C. introduced me to his very cute cowboy friend who called me, "darlin'" and wore a western shirt with snap buttons. i really like the idea of cowboys and firefighters and physicists.

TG was telling me i might be a lil too picky. woody did once say that i'm pretty specific. what's wrong with hoping for a guy who is mostly normal, but is vaguely interested or vaguely involved with the arts but not an actual artist? besides, his elaine is always saying that you should just put ideas out into the world as a way of maybe achieving something somewhere along the line. my elaine no. 1 just says that i'm crazy.

off to the studio in a bit. feeling slightly heartbroken. could use a hot shower to make my lungs happy, but no. forgot that today is easter.

busting ass today.

also, can't figure out if this is funny or sad:

gotta fluff up those ears and all???

yeah. all right. gonna make shit happen today.

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