Saturday, March 22, 2008

friendship bread

orrrr the fatassery chain??

yeah. on the drive back to the apartment i remember thinking, "i am so gonna blog about this." alas, i've forgotten what "this" happened to be. damn.

i need to wash my hair and make some art. ...and maybe make a phone call though i'm feeling slightly overwhelmed so i may wait until tuesday night or wednesday. one thing at a time and all that. pitter-patter-pitter-patter-thump-thump-thump. i have no idea what that means really.

ohhhh, wait...yeah. i totally have a caffeine addiction. i mean, this is common knowledge and i think i acknowledge this pretty regularly anyway, but...yeah. screaming bad headaches? wanting to throw up? more prone to yelling at bystanders and passersby? ohhhhh, yeah.

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