Thursday, March 20, 2008


Totally jacked on waaaay too much caffeine. For fuck's sake. Bunny is giving me disapproving look. Magic Eightball and the new Magic Eightball Baby have had corresponding answers. Suckers have been consistent. ...or maybe I'm the sucker.

Ugh. Totally aggravated/agitated. I seriously need to lay off the caffeine. Also, my Elaine No. 2 cannot go out of town when my Elaine No. 1 is out of town. This is bad, very, very bad news bears it is. Why must both of my Elaine's be gone???

Also, WTF?! Why must I be compared to Margaret Cho?!! I mean, I'm a lil chubby and I'm Korean...stilll.... C'mon!!! (and according to M. Wolff, funnier?!! ...I have my moments.)

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