Saturday, February 9, 2008


i really think band of horses could be my new favorite band. all of their songs sorta remind of me alphaville and unicorns...ahhhhhhhh, unicorns. also, i love that ben bridwell has a tattoo along his neck. fuckin hipster. he'd just be another dorky guy except now he's a dorky guy who sings with a hardcore tat on his neck.

it's 6:23am right now and i've been up for a lil over four hours. there's something happening downstairs with big trucks and beeping noises and people yelling orders at each other. oh, and my arms hurt.

ibuprofen not helping. out of alieve. have some prescription strength naproxin sodium somewhere, but telling where that is.

need to go back to sleep, but whatever. meg is getting slow on her CuteOverload posts. is it wrong to criticize? ohhhhh, prolly.



oh, and grrrrrrr...

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