Tuesday, February 26, 2008

it is DONE!

No. Not the PowerPoint, but that's just about finished too. Missing three disks of images and other miscellaneous files. There should be files from Spring 2006, but I can't find them and I think they're on the missing three. [frowns]

Powered through the only season of Firefly, which I absolutely completely love. I followed this with Serenity. I feel emotionally bereft. Anyway, it's all fantastic stuff. I'm a huge McNerd.

Also, was sooo totally stressed out with the movie. There were scary parts! I'm tense and stressed. Oh, wait, I was already tense and stressed, I'm just a lil more tense and stressed from the scary Reavers chasing after the heroes. Being chased by things that'll rip your face off? TOTALLY scary. (Also, friend called me cos I mentioned I was stressed out and I guess he didn't realize I meant that I was stressed out by the scary parts of the movie. the gesture, though, was ridiculously sweet!)

Yes. So, I'm done with Firefly/Serenity. I'm a lil sad about it being over and I'm REALLY sad about the way certain events unfolded, but satisfied. Hooray. Back to my This American Life binge.


Matthew said...

I love Firefly!
especially Objects in Space and Out of Gas.

chad said...

I'll be in my bunk.