Sunday, February 24, 2008

beware of art haters and cookie pushers

honestly, it hurts my soul when people just absolutely abhor contemporary art. it's the ideas, people! i don't mind art snobbery and elitism, but outright art hating?! it's appalling. it's horrible. it breaks my heart. seriously, it breaks my heart. the saddest thing is that there's really no reasoning with them either and the argument is truly exhausting, not to mention futile.

speaking of futile, the cookie pushers are out in force. watch out. there's a box of samoas or caramel delights or whatever they're called in my kitchen...taunting me. fucking cookie pushers... girl scouts... pppfffffttt!!!

in other news, PowerPoint is a bastard of a program and i feel horrible for being all, "ReallY? It's taking that long to put a presentation together?" this is what i said to elaine. yeah. fuck that. it's like the asshole of programs. mat and i discussed this tonight and determined that even if we were to make PowerPoint a sworn enemy of ours he would be SUCH an asshole of a program that he wouldn't even care. wtf?! seriously. you're an asshole, PowerPoint! you make my tummy hurt too!'s a happiness chaser:

i'm a nerd. i'm okay with that.

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Jason said...

I'm totally a dork as to this too. Just don't tell anybody, lol.