Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stinkie's new digs.

It's been three months since I adopted Hazel Stinkie McHammiepants. (We just call her Stinkie around here though.) She had been chewing on the bars of her cage lately with such fervor it was starting to trouble me so last night I built her a new pad. It has a loft.

I'm going to get a squeaky wheel for her right now. She has crazy upper body strength. She could be the stripper of hamsters. Anyway, I'm on a mission to combat her boredom.
Here's the top of her plastic bin habitat. That's so she won't suffocate. How I love you, Pink Duck Tape!

There's Stinkie in her loft area. She plots and schemes on the second floor. She hopes to one day achieve world domination through oppression.

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