Tuesday, July 8, 2008

sweet beaver nuggets!

no, really beaver nuggets from buccee's are AWESOME.

just got home from austin. sooo tired. also tired from moving the large photo into the gallery. picked up work from all of our artists, had dinner with a buddy, and then hauled my ass back to houston. my truck, troy and elaine will be happy to know, is, at present filled with art and once it's all out, there will be minimal things in my cab. seriously. like, holy shit, seriously...

after a long day of alternately driving and hemorrhaging moneys, i'm gonna shower and go to bed. bed. seriously. i am not going to continue my Roswell binge. it's just a bad, bad show. bad. bad...

additionally...it looks like art got thrown up all over my house. art and giant blue ikea bags filled with art supplies and miscellaneous crap. jiminy cricket!

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