Friday, October 12, 2007

Just ate my weight in fried potatos.

So, my first blog should have been posted weeks ago and it should have been something inane about boys or art. Instead, my inaugural blog will be about eating my weight in fried potatos. Oh, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but I DID just eat a crap ton of super good frenchy french fries...orrrr CHIPS as they ought to be called whilst I'm in the UK.
I'm currently in London on business with my boss. We're here for the art fairs. We're staying at a slightly shmancy hotel and the staff has been ridiculously friendly and helpful and most of all patient. Perhaps that's because they're English and all stoic and stuff? Oh, and did I mention they all wear pink dress shirts!!! I almost totally glazed over this fact.
We've been here since Tuesday and I'll totally blog all about it at some point, but not now, because I really just wanna talk about my chips and then take a nap...because I'm a fatass.
So after we did art stuff earlier, we got back and my boss decided to rest a lil, so I seized upon this gift of free time to wander about. I was a lil disappointed that my favorite staffer, Peter, was gone for the day as I headed out. He's super cute and super sweet and super prolly waaaay too young... [on a side note, I've just spent about $20 on phone calls today. Ugh.]
Well, my wandering took to me to a couple of small, stinky shops here in Westminster and then to a busier street with a buncha shops and place to get fish and chips and where I just got some chips...a small order of chips, a small order of super crazy fantastastic chips....ugh. And by "ugh," what I mean is, "OMG! They were so crazy good, yo!"

Okay. My boss is getting her hair done. I think I'll take a nap.

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